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Member Progress


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Our members are all at different stages of their journeys and some have even taken other routes to make their dreams come true. Let's support each other through these different stages!

Sisters just beginning the journey or in the testing process:

Alicia-  (Wilford Hall Medical Center) Intake appointment 01 April, 2002 

Sisters with a surgery date:

Tracey- 9 April 2002 (Walter Reed)

Sisters Trying to Conceive:

Chris (Walter Reed)

Lisa Ann (Dr. Berger, North Carolina)
Lisa (Dr. Judy McBean, Vermont)

Melissa B (Wright Patterson AFB)

Tracy (Fort Leonard Wood)

Wendy (Jacksonville) 


Jenn- 27 Jan 01 (Civilian Hospital)

Other Procedures:

Melissa B- Tubal Cannalization (Wright Patt AFB)


Jenn- Baby Girl Riley was born 08 Oct 2001

Christi- Baby is due 08 Aug 2002