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A list of military installations that provide tubal reversals to military dependents.
Please note: Each facility is different, so please contact the facility directly for the most up to date information.

Walter Reed- Washington, DC



SUBJECT: Weight Limits for Sterilization Reversal

FROM: Chief, Division of Reproductive "Endocrinology

1. The RE Division performs microsurgical tubal anastamosis for reversal of tubal ligations using a minilaparotomy technique. Obesity increases the risk of anesthetic and wound complications and makes the procedure technically more difficult, thus compromising the desired outcome.

2. Patients who wish to undergo sterilization reversal should be within 30% of their ideal weight prior to the procedure. A list of the maximum weight per height allowable is listed in the table below. Those who are overweight should see their local health care provider for assistance in weight reduction. A current weight must be documented through a recent physical exam by a health care provider.

This will be typed- Height, Ideal body weight (lbs), Maximum
Allowable Weight (lbs)

4'10" -- 90 -- 117
4'11" -- 95 -- 124
5'0" -- 100 -- 130
5'1" -- 105 -- 137
5'2" -- 110 -- 143
5'3" -- 115 -- 150
5'4" -- 120 -- 156
5'5" -- 125 -- 163
5'6" -- 130 -- 169
5'7" -- 135 -- 176
5'8" -- 140 -- 182
5'9" -- 145 -- 189
5'10" -- 150 -- 195
5'11" -- 155 -- 202
6'0" -- 160 -- 208
6'1" -- 165 -- 215
6'2" -- 170 -- 221
6'3" -- 175 -- 228

Walter Reed (Washington DC)- (202)782-6198
1. Copy of a complete medical history and physical examination performed by a physician or nurse practitioner, which include a pelvic exam.
2. Semen Analysis reports on your spouse: Two tests done at least 1 week apart
3. Copy of a current Pap smear (within the last year)
4. For women 35 and over, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and E2(Estradiol) blood tests performed on the second or third day of your period.
5. All women need to submit a day 21 progesterone level blood test drawn on the 21st day of your menstrual cycle.
6. Copy of the op report from the hospital or physician who
performed the tubal ligarion, if available.
7. A cover letter stating the reason(s) you want this procedure done. Please include in the letter: Total number of pregnancies, Number of live births, Number of C Sections, Include the signature of both you and your spouse.
8. In addition we need a copy of you and your husbands HIV test, hepatitis B surface antigen test, and a Hepatitis C antibody test.
These supporting documents along with the questionnaires, both male and female, should be mailed to the address on the cover letter of this packet, Attn: RE Division/Tubal Reversal.

We would also appreciate it if you could register yourself in the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Computer System. This system is not compatible with any other hospital that you may be registered in. You can do this by dialing: (202) 782-6160. If at any time your address or phone numbers change, please call the above number to make the changes to your hospital registration. Also notify the office so we can make the changes to your file.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina


This facility no longer performs TRs.  Feel free to check with them as to their current status.  As we all know, things in the military change quickly, so they may offer this procedure again in the future.

Ft. Stewart

Appointment line- (912)767-6633

TR Doc is Dr. Smythe.

We still need information about requirements for this installation.

Darnall Army Community Hospital
Fort Hood, TX

1. Before referral of patients to the OB/GYN Clinic for infertility or tubal reversal work-up they must meet certain criteria.
2. Patients requesting referral for infertility must meet the following criteria:

- Married, residing with spouse in the same residence for the past 12 months

- No contraception use, of any kind, for the past 12 months

- Pap smear done within the last 12 months, with results either on CHCS or in patients
- Record

- Semen analysis, ordered in spouses name (must be scheduled at the lab)

3. Patients requesting referral for tubal reversal must meet the following criteria:

- Married
- Pap smear done within the last 12 months, with results either on CHCS or in patients record

- Semen analysis, ordered in spouses name (must be scheduled at the lab)

- Copy of BLT operative report in record, or requested through PAD, Release of information office

4. For further information please feel free to call 288-8109/8110

Ginger K. Hayes
OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo

(573) 596-1490

Have your GYN send a referral to Tricare. Tricare will deny the referral and then it needs to be faxed to Ft. Leonard Wood. Not sure if it they have an infertility clinic or if it just goes to OB/GYN at Ft. Leonard Wood.

You must be a *Non smoker*

Testing that should be included (prior to going for your consult so it doesn't hold up the process):
Current Pap (Less than one year old)
Old Post OP report (If you can not get it is ok)
BBT charting if you have them (They will accept one month)

This facility has 3 doctors that do the operation. Getting an appointment to see one of them is the longest wait.

Pre Op testing includes: Blood work.. CBC,Chem 7, PT PTT, Chest X-Ray (If you used to smoke)

Lackland Air Force Base Wilford Hall Medical Center - San Antonio, TX

(210) 292.7533
(210) 292-7412 (WHMC Info)
(210) 292-7785 (This number reaches the appt line desk & if you stay on hold the desk at OB-GYN)

Wright-Patterson AFB
Dayton, OH

Wright-Patterson (Dayton, Ohio) (937)257-1967, contact Ssgt Lane-
1. Normal SA
2. Documented Ovulatory cycles x3:
Biphasic BBT LH Kits CD 21 Progesterone
3. Normal CD3 FSH if 35 yrs old or older
4. op report with any abnormalities noted
5. Path report (if applicable)
6. Current PAP (within 1 yr.)
7. Laparoscopy (all BTL EXCEPT Hulka Clips or Falope Rings)
8. HSG (to specify approximate proximal tubal length)
9. Chronic Medical/Gynecologic Illness pts need documented medical clearance

Naval Hospital Jacksonville
2080 Child St.
Jacksonville, FL 32214

Contact name:
Wanda Netherton

Contact phone number:
(904) 542-7418

Protocol for TR surgery:
*Documentation of tubal length, Pathology and Operative reports.
*Ovarian Function Charts, BBT charts for a period of 6-12 months. (If a woman is 38 years or older, or her menstrual history suggests waning of ovarian function, she does not meet criteria).
*Documentation of adequate sperm parameters, semen analysis.
*Height/Weight proportionate, must be within 30% of body mass index.
*Patient must be married and in a stable relationship.
*Must be a stated mutual goal for both patient and husband.
*No medical contraindications to pregnancy.
*Must be eligible for care for at least 6 months following the procedure for appropriate follow-up care.
*Both members of the couple are required to be present at the time of the initial appointment, with the active duty member(s) in uniform.
*Active duty member(s) must bring documentation of EAOS.
*Couple must be married for at least 1 year and bring a copy of marriage certificate.

Testing Requirements:
*SA from husband (less than 2 years old).
*Recent pap and physical from patient (less than 1 year old).
*Diagnostic Laparoscopy may be needed to evaluate fallopian tubes if information is not available from pathology or operative reports.

Waiting List:
*As of 04/25/01 there is no waiting list*

Ft. Gordon

OB/GYN= 706-787-7445 for appointments, and 7228 for questions.

One restriction here is you must be a non smoker, or quit smoking.

We need testing/requirement information for this facility.

Naval Medical Center
Sub Speciality Base
San Diego, CA

Primary Care Physician should send referral to:
Naval Medical Center
Gynecology, NTC
2650 Stockton Road
San Diego, California 92106-6000

After the referral has been sent to the clinic, they will contact you with an appointment date.

This clinic has weight restrictions, although the exact restrictions are unknown to us at this time.

They also have an age restriction of 40 or younger at the time of the surgery.

CD3 Bloodtest- No appointment is necessary for this test. Just show up at the lab at the infertility clinic on CD3. If this falls on a weekend, go to Balboa's ER room to have it done.

SA- An appointment does need to be made for this. The phone number for the lab is (619)524-6088. He should have no caffeine, alcohol, or BD'ing for 3 days prior to this test.

Copy of TL op report.

You must be married or have an estblished male partner with whom you plan to raise a child before the surgery will be considered.

The waiting list, according to the information letter, is 1-2 years, but the actual wait is reportedly 3-6 months. At this time, they do one TR surgery per week.

Evans Army Hospital
Fort Carson, CO

OB/GYN Clinic line (719) 526-7172

Madigan Army Medical Center
Ft. Lewis, WA

(253) 968-6023 This is a direct line to Dr. Bush's secretary, Nicola