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Here are some sites with information pertaining to Tubal Reversals and related topics:

Tubal Reversalss- Yahoo club for couples seeking tubal reversals.

Futuremoms- Great place to buy GOOD pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor tests inexpensively.

Lifecycle- FREE charting program!

Everything to do with BBT charting and pregnancy.

Dr. Berger's site with information on Tubal reversals. He is one of the best Doctors around.

Ovulation calendar and due date predictor.

Herbs galore (great for beginners).

Information on simple things you can do to increase your fertility.

Herbal FAQ and herb recipe for fertility.

A chart of the strengths of every HPT known to man (recently updated), as well as an FAQ on HPT'S.

A chart of the HCG levels normal in early pregnancy.

A description of a healthy menstrual cycle.

A beginner's guide to charting.

An FAQ and information on various brands of OPKs

Fertility Friend Charting Software, Free 30 Day Trial.

This is a very good site, it has everything about charting BBT'S and checking cervical position.

Our members' personal web sites:

Jenn's Website